Quilting Options

Basting:  For many people the only way to finish their quilt is by themselves, whether it be by hand or by machine but with limited space available it can be tricky to secure a good tension between the three layers from home so I can stretch and baste your layers together for you to complete at home. 

Edge to Edge Quilting:  This is the most cost effective and most popular style of quilting.  Your chosen quilt patterns will run in rows (not that you will notice) from the top edge of the quilt to the bottom and from the left side to the right.  There are quite literally thousands of patterns available and I am always updating my pattern gallery with new patterns.  Patterns range in theme and density so there is a good choice between simple and complex patterns and all my patterns can be scaled in size to meet your requirements.  I have capability to make design alterations too. 

Edge to Edge plus Border: Another popular choice is to slightly customise your quilting to include a separate pattern within your borders.  There is an additional charge for this service to reflect the additional time taken to design and quilt your border plus tie off and sew in the additional ends created. 

Binding:  If you would like your quilt finished off then I offer a binding service.  This can either be a partial binding service where I prepare and attach your binding to the front of your quilt for you to take away and finish off by hand, or the full binding service whereby I complete the hand stitching.  I charge the partial binding service at 12p per inch and 15p per inch for the full binding service.   

Materials to support your project
I currently stock a wide range of wadding. Often overlooked – your wadding choice is important because it performs like the engine of your quilt!  Consideration needs to be given to its purpose, use, the look and the weight you would like to achieve.

I am currently increasing my selection of extra wide backing fabrics available for purchase and when available they can be found in my shop.  If you wish to discuss backing and wadding options please do give me a call. If I don’t have a product in stock and I can source something suitable I am happy to do so.    

A typical cot sized quilt 40 x 50 quilted, is £40 and a typical single sized 70”x 90” quilted, is £120. 

These prices include threads and trimming.

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