Memory keepsakes can create an immediate sense of connection by evoking memories and feelings that are treasured and that can give you great pleasure. Memories that we cherish allow us to relive special times in our lives and these memories become the stories we tell hundreds, if not thousands, of times in our lives.

In honouring our memories and stories we create new and lasting memories for not just ourselves but for those around us.  How special is that?  

I remember in my early 20’s loosing someone I was in love with and the heartbreak this created.  At the time, a wise – yet young – male friend told me that life is a rich tapestry that we continually create.  How right he was, and I remember thinking, this is so very insightful, and it continues to be a mantra I reflect upon.  As a daughter, sister, wife and mum I understand that my memories are like photographs captured by our hearts and how precious these are, and it is the greatest honour to work with you to create your treasured keepsakes.  

As we weave our rich tapestry that is life, we are authors of creating treasured memories and stories that last a lifetime and become a priceless gift that we can create and share with those around us, creating new cherished memories. 


“Creating memories is a priceless gift – memories that last a lifetime”


Here at Lovingly Crafted I can offer you a wide variety of products and services and I enjoy nothing more than working with you to create your memory keepsake or personalised gift. Please see our memory collection below and pricing.


Memory Bears & Lions:

from £50 / £55 for embroidered personalisation

Memory Blankets:

Small (40″ x 30″) £65

Medium (60″ x 40″) £100

Large (60″ x 60″) £150

Optional extra charges apply for removing and reapplying 3D elements and/or personalising your blanket or cushion and these costs will be agreed with you.

Keepsake Cushions:

Cushions measure 16” x 16” and have a zip closure – £35

Keepsake Hearts:

At 6” x 7” at the widest points our hearts are a delightful little extra and make a perfect gift to family members using remnants of your cherished clothing – £7.50

Memory Boxes:

Memory boxes hold special things that belong to you, and they generally fall into two main themes: a memory box for a person’s life or for specific events.

Creating your memory box is a wonderfully creative and enjoyable thing to do and a great way to challenge yourself to keep only the most special of memory items, which if like me, is a good challenge to have!  This might determine the size of the box that you require and at Lovingly Crafted I am delighted to be able to offer you 4 size options and multiple colour options.  

You can build your keepsake box for almost any occasion


A5 Deep Boxes £15

A4 Deep Boxes £18

XL Deep Boxes £22

Luxury Wooden Box £45

****Postage will need to be increased to £4.50 for all LCBL products.  I have absorbed much of the actual postage cost, but I need to charge a little more for the packaging****


Looking for a custom keepsake item? no problem.

I love taking on commission work Please drop me a message on the form below to discuss your requirements.

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